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Running man's most epic episodes/moments
This is an ever-growing, non-exhaustive list of the funniest running man episodes, in my professional opinion.

Episode 3: Telepathy game
Epic scale: *

Episode 31: Water park episode.
Epic scale: (really tho he was the highlight of the episode)

Episode 60: Trugary show
Epic scale:

Episode 75: Dance challenge
Epic scale: Honourary HaHa mention
Episode 92: Pedometer challenge + Kwangsoo vs Haha "Man to man battle"
Epic scale:

Episode 96: Soccer superpowers
Epic scale:

Episode 105: FD Dongwan's convenience store + Kwangsoo's blossoming romance with a walrus
Epic scale: To be determined

Episode 115: Mud fights
Epic scale: To be determined

Episode 117: Suzy, Yubin
Epic scale:

Episode 118: Choi Min Soo
Epic scale: To be determined

Episode 119: Baseball match
Epic scale:

Episode 121/122?: Running men in fat suits (TBC)
Epic scale:

Episode 136: Golden sword, history,Vietnam idek
Epic scale:
Episode 147: Running man x acupuncture mats = New OTP
Epic Scale:

Episode 154: Evra & Park Jisung (first appearance of toad!kwangsoo)
Epic scale:

Episode 156: 2NE1 (Enthusiastic Suk Jin, warrior princess Minzy, Dance choreographer Yoo hyuk and toad!kwangsoo)
Epic scale:

*Rated in order of epicness+hilarity, with jongkook being the lowest and kwangsoo the highest:
Jongkook, Gary, Haha, Jihyo, Sukjin
, Jaesuk, Kwangsoo (needless to say, anything lower than a sukjin won't make this list, I just wanted to rank them according to my bias)


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