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Magazine Internship
I just started my internship with Key Editions yesterday. It's the parent publishing company of popular magazines like Teenage. Apparently Teenage is the number 1 youth magazine in Singapore so hopefully the assistant editor will allow me to write tiny articles for the magazine soon (fingers crossed maybe even a concert review). So far I've only got one assignment for a different Key editions mag but i'm enjoying it. If writing even the tiniest of assignments makes me happy then I'm pretty sure this is the career I've been looking for. 

On an unrelated note, they've got a shit ton of free shit lying around lol. They get free samples of make up, and there are tons of posters (SHINee esp) and older editions of magazines stored away. I actually had to throw a lot of them away today cause they were taking up so much space. Weeping rn tbh. Pretty sure if they had given me time to rummage through all those things I could have salvaged a few 2pm/2ne1/SNSD poster. One man's trash is another man's treasure and all that.  

This is just me randomly documenting my thought on the internship as I go along for my own future reference so don't bother reading :3

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working environment and interview for the internship?

SO how is the internship? Is the position editorial intern and for teenage official magazine?
SO how is the interview for the position like? What questions did they ask? How is working there like? just writing articles or something more?

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