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My non k-pop loving friend just sent me a link to this video and asked me about it cause she kinda liked the song and knew what a cray cray 2PM stan I am

Yes, I'm relatively new to the fandom but the vid kinda got me thinking about the old 2pm and how much they pretty much pwnd every other idol group out there(biased opinion is biased). No, I'm not one of those "I miss Jay. I want him to come back to 2pm" delusion fans. Those comments annoy me. Stop trying to get him back he ain't coming, he's gone gotta be moving on, etcetc.

It's just that the old 2pm had songs that were so good, the choreography didn't make me cringe in embarrassment, and their stylists actually They looked amazing, they sounded amazing, they had so much POTENTIAL. You would think it could only get better, but the exact REVERSE happened. It all started going downhill after the masterpiece that was Heartbeat(even then,grown ass men with palm tree pony tails and polka dotted suits...I shoulda seen it coming) . Yeah, I still love them but when my friends ask me for 2pm song recommendations I just tell them "Check out their old stuff. Their new stuff....yeah, just don't go there.Except for I can't. I can't is gold" 
I'm just unable to comprehend how a group can go from the flawlessness that is the video above to this monstrosity:

The lulzy choreography, the excessive glitter eyeshadow that would make even queen ke$ha appalled, the outfits WHY DO SUCH OUTFITS EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE I JUST...CAN'T!!

I just REALLY hope their next album is similar to 1:59 PM cause that shit was gold/untouchable/perfection encased in one deceptively normal looking biased self could go on for days really.

OT: Britney's new song is crazy addictive, I've listened to it at least 80 times. The breakdown is incredible, I just want to build a nest there and live in it forever. Starting now if possible cause college is kicking my ass and  I. WANT. OUT.

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couldn't agree more with this post.

ikr :( At least Take off seems like an improvement!

yep I can't wait for the MV to be released. the dance is cheesy but it's still all kinds of awesome.

They looked so adorable in the teaser omg. The only thing I didn't like was what they did to saint woobriel's hair. do u have a twitter btw :)

the blonde on Taec and Woo is just nasty. blonde should never go near 2PM. it doesn't even look good on Khun imo. yep bb!

Following! I'm JUNniferHOpez :p

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