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Longass fanaccount of MNET concert in Singapore that no1curr about but me
Went to the MNET concert on Saturday and IT WAS WORTH ALL $191 I HAD TO BLOW ON THOSE DAMN TIX.
Shall not elaborate much on the long queuing time, most of which Gloria and I killed by psycho-analyzing my very own personal stalker and discussing why he said/did the things that he did.

Skip to the part where we get into the concert hall, and MBLAQ comes out. The energy was great, they interacted with the fans, it was pretty cool. Seungho's dance solo was amazing. G.O's vocals during his ballad solo was spot on( he sang Wildflower thought Jun to da K did it better tho.)
Lee Joon's ballet/contemporary solo was a whole lot less gay irl, it was actually quite impressive to watch in real life.

Miss A was next. They sadly were one person short(suzy was busy with drama filming) but they brought their A game anyway. They are all such FIERCE dancers up close, I was thoroughly entertained. Jia managed to squeeze in a couple of "I'll be back" dance moves during her dance solo, which was adorable. JYP NATION LOVE FTW!! :D:D I honestly can't pick the best dancer among the 3 cause they were all amazing. Fei really is pretty in person, and Jia and Min are absolutely adorable.

2AM came on next, and their vocals were BRILLIANT as expected. They performed all my favs, tossed four teddy bears into the audience, and Jo Kwon did a couple of abracadabra and Hoot moves during their song Number 1. Seulong is actually pretty damn good looking in real life.

Then Beast came out, and it was pretty obvious that Singaporeans LOVE Kikwang. They were all gorgeous, their dance moves were perfectly in sync, it was great to watch. Yosoeb's singing was AMAZING, he's officially one of my favourite kpop vocalists. It doesn't hurt that he's pretty damn adorable up close either.

When it was time for 2PM to come out, shit got real. Light sticks and placards automatically flew up, everybody started scuffling closer to the stage, the crowd started chanting "2PM" and best of all, my lovely fellow Singaporeans thought that THAT would be a good time to magically grow taller. Seriously, up till then i had a fairly decent view of the stage. All of a sudden my view was blocked by what felt like a bazillion heads. Had to spent half my time tip-toeing to see ANYTHING. Also, up till then, I was pretty calm, clapping and cheering when the performers did something i thought was praise-worthy, while throwing condescending looks at the crazy fangirls who were screaming like they were being murdered in cold blood. Then 2PM came out and I morphed into one of those fangirls in 2 seconds flat.

2PM came on stage and I ONLY SAW FIVE OF THEM AT FIRST. Of course, in a perfect world, the one missing would have been my least fav, Nichkhun(not saying i hate him or anything. I just didn't care about him at that point). But of course, the one I couldn't see was JANG FRIGGIN WOOYOUNG. Since suzy was already a no-show, for a few seconds I freaked that that might be the case with woo, since he was filming the same drama and all. I swear I would have burst out crying on the spot if he turned out to be missing(hey I ain't proud of it) . I DID NOT PAY ALMOST $200 TO SEE A SHOW WHERE MY ULTIMATE BIAS WAS A NO SHOW! Praise Jaysus, he was just being blocked by Oktroll. All was right in the world, and the earth continued to spin once again. Hallelujah.

So they started performing, and of course my attention was fixed on Woo's flawlessness, then Kim motherfucking Junsu caught my eye. I honest to god froze for 5 seconds, then spent the next 5 seconds cussing like a sailor. THAT BITCH IS FUCKING HOT!! He is HONESTLY the MOST good-looking person I've had the honour of seeing in real life. I'm not even lying. I always thought he was gorgeous of course, but it just his luck that he was placed in a group where everyone else is even better looking, poor guy. But in person, it's a whole different story. Anyone who thinks Junsu isn't good looking have obviously not been blessed with his presence in real life. Sucks for you. DAEGU GANGSTA IS BEAUTIFUL. For real. And those pipes. Holy shit. When he was ad-libbing during gimme the light, I had to grip Gloria's arm cause i just HAD to vent from all the pure awesome that was flowing into my ears. He.Was.Flawless. I would actually start calling him Junsus Christ only it sounded a lot wittier in my head.Also,it turns out he had lived in Singapore for about a year when he was little. I have never felt more patriotic in my life.

All of them surprisingly sang in tune for the most part, even during"Tired of Waiting", so proud of them. Of course WooSu never went out of tune even once (Gloria said Woo did go off-key for a bit at one point but I honestly didn't hear it cause either a) I'm so utterly biased that my brain must have registered that anything coming out of those vocal pipes are holy, perfect, and worthy of praise, amen or b) I couldn't hear the flaws over my own incessant screaming. It's probably a mixture of both, really.) During "Only You" they came out with baskets of roses and lollipops. Woo threw them mostly at MY SIDE OF THE AUDIENCE. The girl RIGHT NEXT TO GLORIA CAUGHT A MOTHERFUCKING LOLLIPOP AND I'M THINKING "BITCH! YOU'RE A FUCKING HYUN SEUNG STAN GIVE THAT SHIT TO SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY WANTS IT"

Ok Kasanova kissed some girls hand during "I Can't" which sounded absolutely perfect live of course, wouldn't expect any less from those six flawless beings. Also, there was one point where he stood facing my side of the audience in a white tux and it was BEAUTIFUL. Th way the light hit his face from an angle, with sweat gleaning off him, his bone structure was to-die-for. I saw a mum in frontof me helping her daughter trying to capture that beauty in her camera and the photos she got were GQ cover worthy. Screw that, GQ models wish they looked that perfect.

The flips they did during "10 out of 10" were so exciting to watch live, they executed everything perfectly of course. Everything was flawless. They saved the best for last, AAA and Heartbeat. You can say what you want about that cheerleader pyramid they do during heartbeat, yeah, it's not very impressive on screen, but seeing that shit in real life- MIND-BLOWING.

Side note that has nothing to do with the phenomenal concert: I'm actually warming up to Khun now, which is a relief. It's annoying trying to stan such a flawless group when you feel pretty indifferent about one of the members. The only time I used to like him was when he made up one half of any OTP, like Bucksung and KHUNYOUNG which everyone knows represents bromance,love, rainbows,puppies etc. Must have been the rapping in Thai while drunk thing that endears him to me :D

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Haha no prob. Wasn't expecting a reply anyway. And yeah, sometimes its unbelievable how gorgeous chansung is so i totally understand :D

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