Running man's most epic episodes/moments

This is an ever-growing, non-exhaustive list of the funniest running man episodes, in my professional opinion.

Episode 3: Telepathy game
Epic scale: *

Episode 31: Water park episode.
Epic scale: (really tho he was the highlight of the episode)

Episode 60: Trugary show
Epic scale:

Episode 75: Dance challenge
Epic scale: Honourary HaHa mention
Episode 92: Pedometer challenge + Kwangsoo vs Haha "Man to man battle"
Epic scale:

Episode 96: Soccer superpowers
Epic scale:

Episode 105: FD Dongwan's convenience store + Kwangsoo's blossoming romance with a walrus
Epic scale: To be determined

Episode 115: Mud fights
Epic scale: To be determined

Episode 117: Suzy, Yubin
Epic scale:

Episode 118: Choi Min Soo
Epic scale: To be determined

Episode 119: Baseball match
Epic scale:

Episode 121/122?: Running men in fat suits (TBC)
Epic scale:

Episode 136: Golden sword, history,Vietnam idek
Epic scale:
Episode 147: Running man x acupuncture mats = New OTP
Epic Scale:

Episode 154: Evra & Park Jisung (first appearance of toad!kwangsoo)
Epic scale:

Episode 156: 2NE1 (Enthusiastic Suk Jin, warrior princess Minzy, Dance choreographer Yoo hyuk and toad!kwangsoo)
Epic scale:

*Rated in order of epicness+hilarity, with jongkook being the lowest and kwangsoo the highest:
Jongkook, Gary, Haha, Jihyo, Sukjin
, Jaesuk, Kwangsoo (needless to say, anything lower than a sukjin won't make this list, I just wanted to rank them according to my bias)

Magazine Internship

I just started my internship with Key Editions yesterday. It's the parent publishing company of popular magazines like Teenage. Apparently Teenage is the number 1 youth magazine in Singapore so hopefully the assistant editor will allow me to write tiny articles for the magazine soon (fingers crossed maybe even a concert review). So far I've only got one assignment for a different Key editions mag but i'm enjoying it. If writing even the tiniest of assignments makes me happy then I'm pretty sure this is the career I've been looking for. 

On an unrelated note, they've got a shit ton of free shit lying around lol. They get free samples of make up, and there are tons of posters (SHINee esp) and older editions of magazines stored away. I actually had to throw a lot of them away today cause they were taking up so much space. Weeping rn tbh. Pretty sure if they had given me time to rummage through all those things I could have salvaged a few 2pm/2ne1/SNSD poster. One man's trash is another man's treasure and all that.  

This is just me randomly documenting my thought on the internship as I go along for my own future reference so don't bother reading :3

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Ok the whole Osama business got WAY out of hand. I just made that post to say that I was glad for the people who got closure out of it, wank was definitely not intended. And for those of you who don't agree about the way some of us responded to coffeebang, I respect your opinions I just hope you respect mine as well :)  It's just an issue I feel strongly about, and any hint of apathy toward the situation or the people who suffered because of it just rubs me the wrong way.

Oh, and if donald trump hasn't felt like a total ass so far, I sure hope he does now
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My non k-pop loving friend just sent me a link to this video and asked me about it cause she kinda liked the song and knew what a cray cray 2PM stan I am

Yes, I'm relatively new to the fandom but the vid kinda got me thinking about the old 2pm and how much they pretty much pwnd every other idol group out there(biased opinion is biased). No, I'm not one of those "I miss Jay. I want him to come back to 2pm" delusion fans. Those comments annoy me. Stop trying to get him back he ain't coming, he's gone gotta be moving on, etcetc.

It's just that the old 2pm had songs that were so good, the choreography didn't make me cringe in embarrassment, and their stylists actually They looked amazing, they sounded amazing, they had so much POTENTIAL. You would think it could only get better, but the exact REVERSE happened. It all started going downhill after the masterpiece that was Heartbeat(even then,grown ass men with palm tree pony tails and polka dotted suits...I shoulda seen it coming) . Yeah, I still love them but when my friends ask me for 2pm song recommendations I just tell them "Check out their old stuff. Their new stuff....yeah, just don't go there.Except for I can't. I can't is gold" 
I'm just unable to comprehend how a group can go from the flawlessness that is the video above to this monstrosity:

The lulzy choreography, the excessive glitter eyeshadow that would make even queen ke$ha appalled, the outfits WHY DO SUCH OUTFITS EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE I JUST...CAN'T!!

I just REALLY hope their next album is similar to 1:59 PM cause that shit was gold/untouchable/perfection encased in one deceptively normal looking biased self could go on for days really.

OT: Britney's new song is crazy addictive, I've listened to it at least 80 times. The breakdown is incredible, I just want to build a nest there and live in it forever. Starting now if possible cause college is kicking my ass and  I. WANT. OUT.

Longass fanaccount of MNET concert in Singapore that no1curr about but me

Went to the MNET concert on Saturday and IT WAS WORTH ALL $191 I HAD TO BLOW ON THOSE DAMN TIX.
Shall not elaborate much on the long queuing time, most of which Gloria and I killed by psycho-analyzing my very own personal stalker and discussing why he said/did the things that he did.

Skip to the part where we get into the concert hall, and MBLAQ comes out. The energy was great, they interacted with the fans, it was pretty cool. Seungho's dance solo was amazing. G.O's vocals during his ballad solo was spot on( he sang Wildflower thought Jun to da K did it better tho.)
Lee Joon's ballet/contemporary solo was a whole lot less gay irl, it was actually quite impressive to watch in real life.

Miss A was next. They sadly were one person short(suzy was busy with drama filming) but they brought their A game anyway. They are all such FIERCE dancers up close, I was thoroughly entertained. Jia managed to squeeze in a couple of "I'll be back" dance moves during her dance solo, which was adorable. JYP NATION LOVE FTW!! :D:D I honestly can't pick the best dancer among the 3 cause they were all amazing. Fei really is pretty in person, and Jia and Min are absolutely adorable.

2AM came on next, and their vocals were BRILLIANT as expected. They performed all my favs, tossed four teddy bears into the audience, and Jo Kwon did a couple of abracadabra and Hoot moves during their song Number 1. Seulong is actually pretty damn good looking in real life.

Then Beast came out, and it was pretty obvious that Singaporeans LOVE Kikwang. They were all gorgeous, their dance moves were perfectly in sync, it was great to watch. Yosoeb's singing was AMAZING, he's officially one of my favourite kpop vocalists. It doesn't hurt that he's pretty damn adorable up close either.

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Side note that has nothing to do with the phenomenal concert: I'm actually warming up to Khun now, which is a relief. It's annoying trying to stan such a flawless group when you feel pretty indifferent about one of the members. The only time I used to like him was when he made up one half of any OTP, like Bucksung and KHUNYOUNG which everyone knows represents bromance,love, rainbows,puppies etc. Must have been the rapping in Thai while drunk thing that endears him to me :D